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Mediated vs Non-mediated immediacy
This is an idea I have been working with since late 2012. I am interested in the differences in immediacy which we consistently face, and how these frame experience. What I term 'Mediated Immediacy' is our super saturated social media interactions. We can see things on the other side of the world instantly, like them and interact with them. We can google someone we went to primary school with and access the last 15 years of their life in a few clicks. Our sense of connectivity to people and events is framed by our constant and immediate access to content. By contrast, what I call 'Non-mediated Immediacy' is the connection to a tangible moment in space and time facilitated only by multiple senses. This work made in March 2013 tries to approach this idea >> here.

Curated Anxieties
I am becoming interested in the anxieties connectivity generates. Endless scrolls to know one more thing about friends or strangers, and the dichotomies of engage/ignore, private/public. A new language of interaction is evolving, and the emerging codes can be confusing (read not replied), unpredictable (gangnam style) and tiresome (#yolo). I have been considering the ways we might attempt to manage these anxieties through the very platforms that trigger them - as in my installaion RLX:tech.

Fake Internet Cults
I am interested in the identities formed by data - the trails we leave through browsing and how these might define us, as well as the bigger picture of golbal data consumption. If all that was left of human kind was one server, how distorted would outside understanding of now be? A lot of my works are infromed by this loose narative - existing as shrines, monuments and symbols of an imagined future cult drawing on misappropriated tropes and technologies of now.

Audiovisual Energy
How do intense combinations of light, colour, sound and movement affect us in space? Can super saturated environments have restorative and meditative qualities, and is this generational?

What's the next big cultural trope that we have to engage with? That we have to filter our understanding and experience through? Metamodernism is interesting to me in its apparent flippancy; its curated approach to unpacking the last 2 dominant cultural paradigms (modernism and post-modernism). For me, this makes sense - we pick and choose the pieces that fit to create an authored frame that paradoxically reflects the at times competing concerns and drives of both.

Women and Technology
why is it such a big deal that women know how to plug in gear/code/live their lives? Lol. cbf going into this one rn....but seriously...could write a compelling novella on the punishers i've had 2 dodge, and some weighty tomes on the underlying power structures that mote it be. ;) <3

CMS and Creative Arts
I have 2013 VET Develpment Funding to research and write a paper on ways to integrate real world learning models via Moodle into the Bachelor of Illustration at NMIT. I always welcome any other educators in Creative Arts who are also trying to navigate/negotiate blended learning environments in meaningful ways :)

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